How do I install your sounds?
For u-he sounds, please check the following link: u-he installation of sounds. For Omnisphere 2 sounds, please check the following link: Omnisphere 2 installation of sounds. If the installation fails, please contact us and provide us with as many details as you can (a screenshot would also help) and we will be glad to help!

How do I use your sounds?
Be sure to have the correct soft synth necessary. Please read the information on the product page and note that the relevant synth is generally in the product title. All synths we program sounds for, are compatible with all DAW software.

Can I order a boxed version of your product?
All of our libraries and patches are offered in digital form only.

Are there any restrictions on what types of music projects Sonic Underworld sounds can be used on?
No. You can use them on any music you are working on, including library music.

I have a number of your sound sets and would like an upgrade to complete a bundle, what can I do?
Contact us and we will provide an upgrade price offer for you to consider. Upgrades are done “off site” as we do not currently run a customer account system.

Can I re-sell your sounds to a third party?
You cannot. If you think you have a special reason to do so, you may contact us to discuss it. If, for any reason, we choose to allow you to sell them, you must inform the buyer that they will not receive any support with their purchase from Sonic Underworld.

Do you create custom sounds for composers and artists?
Yes we do. Please see our Bespoke section and get in touch!



Is it safe?
Yes! Because after you move on to checkout, you will be automatically transferred to a "Paypal" secure site, from which you can proceed with the payment! We do not store any data on our website.

Can I use a credit card instead of "PayPal"?
Yes, you do get that option, once you are redirected to "PayPal".

There was a problem with my transaction!
Please inform us with all the details (date or order, product ID, product name, price etc.) and we will contact you immediately!

Do Sonic Underworld sounds ever go on sale?
There are site-wide sales in the Summer and at Christmas. If you wish to be kept up to date on any news of sales and discounts, I recommend signing up to our Newsletter.

Can I get a refund?
It is possible, in extreme circumstances or if a genuine error has occurred. Refund requests will be treated on a case by case basis.



My download isn’t working/I haven’t received my links?
Contact us and we will correct any failures caused by our e-commerce platform.

My download link expired and I was unable to download the file
Our links are active for 3 days from the date of purchase. If your link has expired, please Contact us and we’ll take care of you immediately!

I’ve lost my Sonic Underworld sounds, what can I do?
Contact us and we'll make sure, you get replacement sounds for your missing files. You do not need to provide proof of purchase, unless you have bought them from a 3rd party site.


Have a question that isn’t answered in the FAQs? Get in touch via our Contact page.

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