Welcome to “Sonic Underworld”, a sonic universe, offering a unique selection of organic and cinematic sounds for your AU/VST instruments.

“Sonic Underworld” is a new endeavor to share many of the sounds, we have created over the years and used in our own projects.

Here at "Sonic Underworld", we have been addicted to synthesizers and sound design all of our lives, going back all the way to the first synth we've ever owned, the original Korg MS-20. We would sit there for hours, tinkering away, thoroughly enjoying the process. It also taught us an invaluable lesson. Having just one synthesizer at our disposal, forced us to squeeze everything possible out of that one instrument. Just when we thought, we had explored every avenue, something completely unexpected would pop up and open up a whole new array of sonic possibilities. It's the happy accidents that occur during this process that make it all worth while. That is the most rewarding experience for us.

Being exposed to all kinds of music going back to the early days growing up in LA, a cultural haven for many different styles, has had a tremendous impact on us. It is important to have an open mind towards all kinds of different music. We have always been drawn to the slightly odd and left center artists. They were to us the most influential people. We realized, that apart from their songwriting, it was their unique use of the sounds that they created, which made everything so compelling. This is the reason why, we have always been more interested in creating sounds and sonic landscapes that incorporate subtle aspects that might at first go unnoticed but after repeated listenings, would emerge.

As sound designers, it is essential to us, that whatever we create, it has to stand up to the expectations of other artists. Our aim is to come up with sounds, we would use in our own compositions. That is the very essence of the process. We could never expect for someone to enjoy what we have created, if we can't stand behind it all the way.

"We are slowed down sound and light waves, a walking bundle of frequencies tuned into the cosmos. We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music"

- Albert Einstein -

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