Zebra Kaleidoscope


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Price: $ 30.00

Date: 8/01/2017

Zebra Kaleidoscope is a collection of 128 patches for u-he's Zebra 2.

This sound set focuses on organic and cinematic sounds, both subtle and powerful. Best suited for underscore/ambient style music. Zebra Kaleidoscope covers a lot of ground and is surprisingly versatile, equally at home in both epic cinematic hybrid trailer music and ambient electronica.

Zebra Kaleidoscope delivers inspiring sequences in even and odd time signatures, low and powerful basses, pulses, fx's, ethnic instruments, atmospheric pads, dark expansive soundscapes, and inspiring leads.

With a focus on classic sounds, morphed into more contemporary versions, to suit today's needs, these sounds borrow from a variety of influential artists such as Japan, Y.M.O., Tangerine Dream, Solar Fields, Vangelis and composers such as Thomas Newman and Harry Gregson-Williams.

Many patches offer added adaptability programmed into the modwheel and the X/Y pads, to make these sounds come alive.

In addition, Zebra Kaleidoscope comes in a Dark Remix Edition (includes all the original Zebra Kaleidoscope patches), courtesy of the Unfinished, that mangles and modifies the original patches in Zebra HZ.

Zebra Kaleidoscope is $ 30.00

Zebra Kaleidoscope (DarkRemix) is $ 45.00


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