Paul Haslinger

Artist/composer for Film and TV

(Tangerine Dream, Underworld, Fear the Walking Dead, Halt and Catch Fire)

Rhian Sheehan

Award winning music producer and screen composer from New Zealand

("Top Gear" UK, the hit HBO series "Silicon Valley", National Geographic Channel)

David Buckley

Emmy-nominated British Film and TV composer

(Jason Bourne, The Town, The Good Wife, Nice Guys)

Michael A. Levine

Award winning composer/violinist

(Siren, Cold Case, Resident Evil 7 : Biohazard)

Nima Fakhrara

Iranian Film Music composer

(Detroit: Become Human, The Girl in the Photographs, The Signal and The Pyramid)

Nainita Desai

Award winning Film & TV composer/musician

(BBC, HBO, ITV and C4)

Gareth Coker

Award winning British composer for Film, Games, and Commercials

("Ori and the Blind Forest", "Minecraft", "ARK Survival Evolved")

Michael Cielecki

TV/Video game composer

(Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2 Soundtrack, Shadow Warrior Original Soundtrack, Bulletstorm)

Matthias Weber

Award winning TV/Film composer

("Sopranos", "Baywatch", "West Wing")

Pedro Macedo Camacho

Award winning classical music, Film and Video game composer

("Star Citizen", "Wolfenstein 2", "Requiem to Inês de Castro")

Ward Hake

VP of Music for 20th Century Fox TV/Composer

Matt Novack

Award winning composer for Film and TV

(Dog Days, Childrens Hospital and Anna with the Violin)


Russel Bell

British composer writing for TV and Film


Ingo Wegener

Composer for Film and TV

(Chain, Unten, Überlebende Wie Wir)

Mike McKnight

Keyboard artist/programmer

(Roger Waters, Lady Gaga, Madonna)

Laurie Ann Haus

Award winning solo and soundtrack session vocalist

("World of Warcraft", "Diablo 3", Starcraft 2", "The Borgias")

Siggi Mueller

German born composer for TV/Film

("Dr. Klein" (TV series), "Der geilste Tag", "Tour de Force")

Panos Kolias

Composer for Film and TV

(CBS, Disney, National Geographic)

Uyanga Bold

International vocalist and recording artist from Mongolia

(Blizzard Entertainment's "Overwatch", Riot Games "League of Legends" and Hans Zimmer’s "Dark Knight Suite")

Marc Lichtman

Award winning TV composer

("Touched by an Angel", "Promised Land")

Jonathan Van Den Wijingaarden

Award winning composer

(Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Disney and Wargaming)


Phil Chapavich Temnitikul

Award winning Thai Film score & multimedia composer and experimental artist

Jonathan Sharp

Media and Trailer composer/musician

“I am a huge fan of Sonic Underworld’s sound sets because they perfectly fit my aesthetic for writing dark and broody tracks”

Ingo Wegener Film and TV composer (Chain, Unten, Überlebende Wie Wir)

“I’ve been loving these sounds. Wonderfully inspiring work. The textures especially are just beautiful. I find myself just getting lost in them on a regular basis”

Rhian Sheehan Award-winning music producer and screen composer from New Zealand (Top Gear (UK), the hit HBO series Silicon Valley, BBC Horizon, CNN, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, History Channeland)

“Zebra Kaleidoscope is so immersive. I can see light years away, visualizing Bladerunner. It’s calm and organic, or blistering and destructive. A wonderful color palette”

Russell Bell British born composer writing for TV and Film

“I always know that I can trust “Sonic Underworld” to come up with something that will hit the mark, they have got an uncanny ability to match a certain mood with the perfect sound”

Marc Lichtman Award winning TV Composer

“Just a wonderful array of sounds, if you need to find inspiration, you surely find it here”

Laurie Ann Haus Award winning Solo and Soundtrack Session Vocalist (World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, The Borgias)

“Zebra Kaleidoscope is a versatile sound set, covering many styles I can use in my music and scores, ranging from beautiful uplifting to dark cinematic.”

Phil Chapavich T. Composer for Film & TV

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