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V I S I T  O U R  S T O R E !

“I am a huge fan of Sonic Underworld’s sound sets because they perfectly fit my aesthetic for writing dark and broody tracks”

Ingo Wegener Film and TV composer (Chain, Unten, Überlebende Wie Wir)

“I’ve been loving these sounds. Wonderfully inspiring work. The textures especially are just beautiful. I find myself just getting lost in them on a regular basis”

Rhian Sheehan Award-winning music producer and screen composer from New Zealand (Top Gear (UK), the hit HBO series Silicon Valley, BBC Horizon, CNN, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, History Channeland)

“Zebra Kaleidoscope is so immersive. I can see light years away, visualizing Bladerunner. It’s calm and organic, or blistering and destructive. A wonderful color palette”

Russell Bell British born composer writing for TV and Film

“I always know that I can trust “Sonic Underworld” to come up with something that will hit the mark, they have got an uncanny ability to match a certain mood with the perfect sound”

Marc Lichtman Award winning TV Composer

“Just a wonderful array of sounds, if you need to find inspiration, you surely find it here”

Laurie Ann Haus Award winning Solo and Soundtrack Session Vocalist (World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, The Borgias)

“Zebra Kaleidoscope is a versatile sound set, covering many styles I can use in my music and scores, ranging from beautiful uplifting to dark cinematic.”

Phil Chapavich T. Composer for Film & TV

L a t e s t  N e w s

Exited to announce that my sounds were used in the movie "Dog Days". Score composed by Matt Novack. Check out the youtube trailer below.

Happy to hear that my sounds were used in the video game Detroit: Become Human (PS4) by Nima Fakhrara. Check out some of the details in the following link.

Nima Fakhrara on scoring PS4 game Detroit: Become Human

  • Repro-5 Metropolis

    Repro-5 Metropolis

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    Exited to announce Repro-5 Metropolis is a collection of 150 cinematic patches for u-he’s Repro-5 synth. It is cinematic by nature, offering modern analog sounds in multiple categories.  It is equally usable for dark energetic, industrial or atmospheric, ambient tracks. Repro-5 Metropolis offers lush atmospheres, cinematic wide pads, deep and …Read More »
  • Omnisphere Aira

    Omnisphere Aira

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    Omnisphere Aira, a collection of 128 signature patches for Spectrasonics’s Omnisphere synth is available now for immediate downloading. It is cinematic by nature but more performance oriented. Lots of modulations and depth in this one! Many hours went into creating this sound set. There are less categories and it’s an …Read More »
  • Zebra Aquatica

    Zebra Aquatica

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    Happy to announce Zebra “Aquatica” is a collection of 180 cinematic patches for u-he’s Zebra 2. It focuses on soft aquatic sounds in a variety of different categories. Think “Oceanic” by Vangelis, William Basinski, Stars of the Lid, Brian Eno and Jon Hopkins. This sound set offers a wide amount of …Read More »
  • Diva Sensai

    Diva Sensai

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    Happy to announce Diva “Sensai”. This sound set is a collection of 150 cinematic patches for u-he’s Diva synth. This project is near and dear to my heart, having been influenced greatly by artists, I have admired for many years. It focuses on soft and ambient cinematic sounds. A throwback, …Read More »
  • Omnisphere Cygnia

    Omnisphere Cygnia

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    Happy to announce Omnisphere “Cygnia” for Omnisphere 2 (Trilian required).  This sound set contains 400 cinematic patches and 50 cinematic multies. Lot’s of categories to choose from for your next film or tv project. It is now also possible to purchase an Omni Bundle at a discount, containing both Omnisphere …Read More »

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